Company Overview

Blue Energy is a company based in Venezuela that provides services to mitigate environmental liabilities generated by modern society. Established in June 2014 as a private initiative, Blue Energy drawing on its expertise in the field, gathered all of its resources and through strategic partnerships created a well structured system which operates within all the environmental laws and safety needed for the handling of its product. Venezuela brings modern and efficient technologies for the treatment and recovery, mainly of oily waste, produced mostly from the oil industry.

With an annual capacity to recover more than 60,000 tons annually, Blue Energy C.A. is one of South America’s leading companies in oil recovery and a pioneer in the production of basis oils. Blue Energy covers the value chain of functions from collection to international distribution.

Our mission

Develop techniques, services, and products to efficiently and cost effectively provide solutions to environmental liabilities generated by the oil industry trough recycling  and recovery of all kinds of used oils and oily water treatment.


  • Obtain different types of bases and lubricants from waste treatment.
  • Generate a cost effective solution to environmental liabilities generated by the industry.
  • Implant, alongside our economic growth, new technologies to ensure growth and achievement of our objectives.


  • Ensure compliance with legal regulations in our activities and commitments to our customers.
  • Implement environmentally friendly technologies that generate the least impact on the environment.
  • Improve continuously our processes in order to maximize the quality of our products, to give optimal service to our customers.
how can we help you?

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